Our Environment

At T H Clements, farming and being close to the land is in our blood. We are passionate about operating with the environment in mind and work hard to minimise our impact whilst supporting conservation, sustainable production and the protection of wildlife.

We have been active members of LEAF since 2005. This scheme promotes environmental awareness among our staff and supply base. We also address our carbon footprint through regular carbon assessments, initiatives designed to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions and the adoption of energy efficient technology.

What’s more, waste is taken very seriously and responsible recycling is undertaken wherever possible.


As a respected family business, we understand the importance of ethical trading and have signed up to recognised initiatives.


Rainwater harvesting minimises our water consumption and we carefully manage watercourses to maintain flow rates and soil structure.


We employ sound environmental and soil management practices, support biodiversity and use fertilisers and pesticides sparingly.


Following a sustained investment programme, our Lincolnshire Head Office is bristling with advanced technology.


We have proactively enhanced our 12 acre site to minimise our environmental impact and optimise its biodiversity.

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