#FeedTheNation: Why UK Farming is so important

Date Added: 20/04/2020

Life currently feels very different for many of us. But whether you are a key worker, still working hard whilst also trying to keep safe. Whether you are working, but doing so using technology to work remotely. Or indeed if you are self-isolating and not able to work. We all are living through strange times the like of which we have never seen before.


One thing that links us all though, is the focus on what is really important. Your health and that of friends and family, our NHS and the UK’s food production.


TH Clements are still working on the farms and packing fresh vegetables to get healthy Lincolnshire produce to help keep the nation fed.

Now more than ever, with 60% of all food eaten in the UK being grown on British Farms, we are reminded of just how critical our UK farmers are in maintaining food supply.


See the infographic below and a heartfelt “Thank you!” from us to all those farming key-workers.


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