April Showers

Date Added: 10/04/2018

April is well underway and the famous April showers have appeared however luckily, they haven't hindered our planting schedule too much.


Potato planting will hopefully start next week and we hope to get the Seed Potatoes in the ground in a four-week window. Potatoes should be ready to harvest at the beginning of September. Once harvested, our Potatoes will be put away safely in our controlled stores ready to sell. 


Fingers crossed the weather stays the same as the forecasts are currently indicating, as it looks as if the weather is on the turn with warmer and drier conditions on the way! If the weather doesn't improve then we'll have to start our daily ritual of praying for better weather. 


Now the soil temperatures are slowly on the rise, crops that have been planted under Polyethene are starting to grow fast. 


Pea drilling has also started and once they've grown and they're ready to harvest, the Pea Viners will be sent to the fields and the fresh green Peas will be delivered to the freezers within a matter of hours. 


High-quality Lincolnshire Cauliflower is in plentiful supply now and currently in season. Make the most of Cauliflower whilst it's at it's best, as this versatile vegetable can be cooked many ways- roasted, stir-fried, boiled and steamed to name a few. Cauliflower can also be blitzed into Cauliflower rice, Cous-Cous or even used to make a Gluten Free Pizza base for a healthier alternative.


Purple Sprouting Broccoli (PSB) is the colourful and vibrant cousin to Broccoli and is still currently in season and it's also as it's best right now. It is leafier and deeper in colour than Calabrese and can be cooked in the same way as Broccoli or Asparagus. Try it in Salads, dipped in soft boiled Eggs like 'soldiers' or stir-fried. 


Finally, don't forget to follow our Twitter page to find out which vegetables are in season and discover new and exciting ways to cook all the fresh Lincolnshire vegetables we offer. 

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