Autumns Arrived

Date Added: 14/09/2018

The long hot Summer days seems all but a distant dream now Autumn has arrived. Nights are now drawing in and overnight temperatures are cooler.With the occasional rain showers on the forecast, irrigation machinery has now been packed away safely until next Summer.

Currently we're topping Potatoes ready for harvest from mid-September to end of October.
We top Potatoes to kill the plant and allow the Potato skins to set. Potato Skins must be set before lifting, to allow better crop storage. The recent rainfall will help when harvesting begins. 

Planting in Lincolnshire and Cornwall has now finished , and Winter Cornish crops are looking good.

Now peas have been harvested the Pea Straw is chopped back into the field. Nitrogen fixing nodules are found on the roots of Peas and when added back to the land, it greatly benefits the soil for future crops.
Also after Peas have been harvested, Grass is often drilled and once grown, it's ploughed back into the fields in Autumn.
The ploughed in Grass increases Fibre in the soil and is extremely beneficial for next seasons crops, especially Potatoes. 

TH Clements exhibited at UK Produce Industry Fair on Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th September at the East of England Showground in Peterborough. 

During the two day even, Rachel Green showcased some of our finest Lincolnshire Vegetables, by cooking up dishes for exhibitors and visitors.

She created a very tasty Curry featuring Cauliflower and Romanesco, which was enjoyed by many.
By cooking many different dishes using Brussels Sprouts, Rachel managed to persuade previous haters of Sprouts, they they are very delicious and can be enjoyed all year round, not just for Christmas! 
At the event's Gala Dinner, we were presented with an award for Best stand at the show.


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