Blustery March

Date Added: 18/03/2019

March has brought a mixed bag of weather with it so far with warmer than average temperatures, plenty of rainfall and extremely strong winds.

Thanks to the warm weather at the end of February, we've had a good start to the planting season so far.
We cover our newly planted crops to create a greenhouse effect, allowing the plants to grow faster however the strong winds this month have been challenging, as it's hard to keep the covers on our covered plants in 40-50mph gales!
Due to the warmer than average temperatures the seedlings have been planted in good conditions and seem to be already growing fast.


We've now finished harvesting cauliflower in Cornwall and we've transitioned back to Lincolnshire Cauliflower. 


This year's seed Potatoes have been delivered ready to be planted in the next few weeks, we aim to plant all our seed Potatoes in a four-week window if possible. 



During March, Purple Sprouting Broccoli is in season which continues up until April. When in season it is at it's best, meaning it is incredibly sweet and earthy plus it's in good supply and of high quality.

PSB can accompany many meals however due to its versatility it is also great in salads, stir-fries and pasta dishes. 

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