Brussels Sprouts and Baubles

Date Added: 13/12/2018

December is finally here and after plenty of planning and preparation we are gearing up for the busy few weeks ahead of us. 


Either love them or hate them, we'll be harvesting and packing two million kilos of Brussels Sprouts, ready to be served alongside the Turkey or Nut Roasts, all over the UK this Christmas. 

Brussels Sprouts have developed over the years - modern varieties are much sweeter and nuttier than the bitter Sprouts you'll remember from your childhood. 


This Christmas don't just boil or steam your Brussels Sprouts, they are incredibly versatile and can be cooked many ways. See our website and follow us on social media for new healthy and exciting recipes and discover many ways to enjoy Brussels! 


Cauliflower is becoming a firm favourite at Christmas and we're aiming to harvest and distribute approximately 1.2 million heads of Cauliflower, destined for Christmas dinner plates, over the next 10 days. The majority of our Christmas Cauliflower is grown in Cornwall - due to their 'tropical' temperatures throughout Winter, they are less prone to severe frosts. 


Our Lincolnshire grown Potatoes are on their way from our stores to the packers eventually bound for featuring on plates over this festive season. 
On Christmas Day, Potatoes will most likely be served Roasted or Mashed. However, on Boxing day they can accompany Christmas dinner leftovers from Chips to Jacket Potatoes and even mashed with leftover veggies to make Bubble & Squeak! 


With our wide range of Brassica and Potatoes, TH Clements have most of your Christmas dinner sorted, apart from the Turkey and Cranberry sauce! 
However, for a meat free alternative to Turkey this year, Cauliflower Wellingtons are available to buy in store, which feature a TH Clements Cauliflower as the star of the show! 


Currently the farming team are busy working and ploughing the fields ready for planting early next year. 


We have been experiencing rain recently, but this year's rainfall is still short of the annual average. Normally the annual average rainfall for our area is 620mm but this year so far, we've had only 482mm of rain.

So even though the fields look wet and the roads are muddy, we are down 23% on annual average rainfall and we are praying for a wet January to replenish land after such a dry Summer. We are hoping that we do not get a cold and white run up to Christmas, as it makes distribution very difficult, but a white Christmas Day would be perfect for us all! 


Don't forget to tune into 'Food Unwrapped does Christmas' on Channel 4 on Monday 17th December at 8pm to discover more on how we harvest and pack the millions of Brussels Sprouts each year. 


If you are lucky enough to have some of our sweet Sprouts or delicious Cauliflower on your plates this Christmas - enjoy with your tipple of choice and spare a thought all the hardworking staff at TH Clements who deliver your Christmas dinner, finally having a rest after this busy and exciting time of year. 


Finally, from all at TH Clements we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019!!! 

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