Egg-cellent weather forecast for Easter

Date Added: 13/04/2022

For some Easter is all about the religious festival, for others it is all about being with family or simply a short break marking the transition out of winter and looking forward to summer. It is for most though pleasing to see the weather forecast is looking good for the long bank holiday with plenty of warmth, sunshine, and no rain on the cards for Lincolnshire.


As the trees are blossoming and gardens start to flower honeybees become active in Spring, so we have introduced Bee’s onto our farm to help boost our environmental and bio-diversity schemes.

Recent good Spring weather has meant we are on track with all planting – Brassicas, Leeks, and Potatoes.
All seedlings planted so far are all safely under covers and growing well due to the good soil conditions and warm soil temperatures. These covered crops will be ready to be harvested by end of May/beginning of June.

Spring Wheat has all been drilled and due to the favourable weather conditions should grow quickly and be ready to be harvested in late Summer/early Autumn.


Lincolnshire-grown winter crop Savoy is soon coming to an end and for a few weeks Spanish Savoy will fill that gap before new season Lincolnshire Savoy is ready to harvest from the end of May.

Keep your eyes peeled (like the foil wrapper on your Easter eggs this weekend!) for the first UK Pointed cabbages hitting the shelves in the next few weeks.

Our field teams may be busy with planting new season crops for harvesting later in the year however our harvesting teams are also busy harvesting Leeks, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Spring Greens and our eggs-ceptional high quality Lincolnshire Cauliflower, all perfect accompaniments to your traditional Easter Sunday Roast Dinner.

With 65% of people thinking of Chocolate when asked about Easter it’s no surprise 80 million Easter eggs are enjoyed (equating to 10% of UK’s annual Chocolate spend), with the average child consuming 8 eggs and 8,000 calories over the Easter weekend.
For the non-chocolate lovers 20 million packs of sticky spiced and fruity hot cross buns are sold at Easter too!

Hot cross buns are traditionally a Good Friday treat, whilst Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny are traditionally not meant to be eaten until Easter Sunday. Both Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny signify the start of new life and are representations of Jesus beginning his new life on Easter Sunday.
Every year the date Easter falls differs due to it being calculated as the first Sunday after the first full moon following the first day of Spring.

Easter may be the season for devouring Chocolate eggs and Hot Cross Buns but Spring Greens and Purple Sprouting Broccoli are currently in season and are both incredibly versatile vegetables plus are great served with Spring Lamb.

A great way to serve both Spring Greens and PSB is a healthy, zingy side dish by steaming the PSB and Spring Greens until tender and once cooked drizzling with a simple dressing consisting of 2 crushed garlic cloves, juice of 1 lemon, 2tbsp extra olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

The thick dark green leaves of Spring Greens are packed full of flavour and Vitamins, Fibre, and calcium. Don’t throw away the stems as they are sweeter than the leaf, just simply slice more thinly than the leaves.
Tousled and wild-looking vibrant Purple Sprouting Broccoli has a delicacy equalling Asparagus, offering a nutty, peppery flavour. Also packed with Vitamin C and other nutrients. PSB contains higher contents of antioxidant compounds compared to green Broccoli.


Finally, from all the team at TH Clements we wish you all a very 'hoppy' Easter filled with fresh Lincolnshire Vegetables and of course plenty of Chocolate and Hot Cross Buns!



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