Has Autumn arrived early?

Date Added: 31/08/2021

With the August Bank Holiday now a distant memory and the Summer holidays coming to an end, the Sun seems to have disappeared for the past few weeks.  
The current weather is giving the impression that Autumn has arrived early with cooler than average temperatures and lots of rain showers – not ideal weather for harvest time!

However if weather forecasters are correct, September could bring with it another heatwave. 
Fingers crossed and we can wheel those BBQ’s out for one last time this season, before the slow cookers, soup makers and roasting tins return from the backs of cupboards ready for Autumn and Winter!

With the children returning to school, BBQ’s and salads will soon be swapped for ‘meat and two veg’ dinners, which will mean our fresh Brassicas will be in high demand.

Following a challenging 2020, 2021 certainly isn’t without its own challenges with labour shortages and haulage driver shortages causing many supply chain issues for the UK’s food producers.
Here at T H Clements, we will endeavour to ensure the supermarket shelves are full of our fresh in-season Lincolnshire-grown produce – from tender and sweet Broccoli to nutritious Cabbages.

Not only do Brassicas make the excellent accompaniment to Roast Dinners they are also incredibly versatile, featuring in many recipes from stir-fries to pasta dishes and even curries.

Many think Brussels Sprouts only belong on the Christmas Dinner plate but here at T H Clements we disagree and certainly don’t believe that they are just for Christmas!
August saw the start of harvesting of our Lincolnshire grown Brussels Sprouts and we will carry on right through the Winter months until March.

The humble Sprout is just as versatile as its other Brassica family members working well in cheesy gratins, spicy Persian pilaffs, and comforting creamy colcannons.  They even work raw, sliced thin in sandwiches, delicious combined with a little brie and redcurrant jelly.


Make sure you pile your plates with those nutritious green veggies jam-packed with vitamins during Autumn to top up those vitamin levels ready for Winter Flu season.

All our Brassicas are crammed full of vital vitamins and fibre to keep you fit and well and to support your immune system.

Green veggies are very important for a healthy lifestyle but make sure to also include different colours vegetables as part of a ‘rainbow’ diet.

As the popular saying goes ‘Variety is the spice of life’ why not discover new ways to include Brassicas into your diet or even try a new vegetable you’ve never tried before – you never know you may just enjoy it!

Red Cabbage with it’s beautiful deep purple leaves (we know it’s called red cabbage!) will be at its best between September and December, full of a good mix of vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals, especially folate which is essential during pregnancy and also helps the body to produce red blood cells.

Not only does Red Cabbage add a vibrant dash of colour to your plate, it is incredibly adaptable as when eaten raw it is crunchy with a peppery taste but when cooked it becomes sweeter and softer in texture.

If you’ve never tried pickled red cabbage before then you’re missing out a treat, simple to make and a great way to reduce food waste and food miles plus enjoy the delightful red cabbage all year round!
Pickled Red Cabbage is a marvellous addition to any charcuterie board, topped on hot dogs as an alternative to fried onions or scattered over Taco’s.

Another tasty serving suggestion is simply grill chicken marinated in Indian Tikka paste and serve in a warm fluffy Naan bread along with salad, raita (or mayonnaise) and the ruby coloured jewel in the crown – pickled red cabbage – enjoy!

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