Hustling Harvest

Date Added: 19/09/2019

September has arrived and we've almost recovered from the hangover of the extreme weather experienced over the last few months. It's been a challenging Summer, but product availability is returning to normal with fantastic quality produce. 

Christmas Cauliflower seedlings have now been planted in Cornwall, where they'll enjoy the next few months growing in 'tropical' temperatures.
During the Winter months we harvest Cauliflower in Cornwall as they are less prone to severe frosts unlike Lincolnshire. 

All our combining is complete and now we're turning our attention to preparing the fields ready for next year.
You'll soon start to notice the landscape changing from green to dormant brown as we start to plough for the Winter allowing the land to rest in preparation for planting 2020 production in March next year. 

Potato harvesting is now in full throttle and at this rate, we'll hopefully be finished harvesting our Lincolnshire grown 'tates' by the end of October.
When harvested our Potatoes make their way safely to the stores and from there, they will eventually make their way to packers and customers through to May/June 2020. 

Red and White Cabbage is now being harvested and safely stored away in controlled cold storage for supply through until July 2020. 

Our Leek rig is operating well in the field and will be busy harvesting Leeks in the fields until next March. Leeks are at their best from September to March and being incredibly versatile they make a great addition to many dishes from soups to risottos. 
Full of health benefits, Leeks are a good source of dietary fibre, vitamin B6, iron and magnesium and Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, prescribed leeks are a cure of nosebleeds. 

Lincolnshire Brussels Sprouts harvesting is underway, with 2 harvesters working day, however, at Christmas we'll expect 20 harvesters to be working around the clock to pick the tiny green cabbages from their stalks. 

Finally, follow our Twitter page @THClements1966 to discover new and exciting ways to cook in season vegetables grown here at T H Clements. 

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