Indian Summer in October

Date Added: 15/10/2018

October is in full swing and here at TH Clements we’ve been enjoying the recent warm and dry Autumn weather and have been praying for rain. Luckily our prayers for rain have been answered and we are experiencing a wet and much cooler start to this week.  

As Tractors are busy transforming the fertile fields of Lincolnshire to dormant brown, allowing Winter to weather the land, creating the optimum soil conditions and benefiting field preparation and planting in Spring.

Potato harvesting is in full swing and thanks to the touch of rain over the weekend, the ground is now at optimum lifting conditions.

We’re harvesting Potatoes much faster than previous years, thanks to our new Windrowers, we can now harvest 4 rows at a time, instead of 2.

Unfortunately, due to the warm and extremely dry Summer, Potato growers including ourselves are experiencing reduced yields this year, compared to previous years.


All Red and White Cabbage is now being harvested and safely put in cold storage for supply through until July. Red Cabbage is incredibly versatile and extremely popular this time of year, especially in the run up to Christmas.  


With the UK Broccoli season coming to an end soon, our focus will turn to planning and preparations for Christmas. Cauliflower destined for dinner plates during the festive season is grown in Cornwall.
Our Sprout harvesters are being serviced and fine-tuned so they will be ready and rearing to go for the busy run up to Christmas.

We have been harvesting Brussels Sprouts since July but now we are preparing in our build up to increased requirements to compliment and complete the nations Christmas Dinners.
Now the darker mornings are upon us, our Sprouts Harvesters working in the fields with their lights on resemble Frogs in the fields!


Finally, seeds are being sown in the glasshouses in preparation for 2019 Spring Planting. These seedlings will be planted out in the fields in February and March, with the crops being ready for harvest in early June.


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