Lincolnshire Lakes

Date Added: 13/06/2019

If TH Clements were in the tourist industry, we would now be telling you all about the delights of the Lincolnshire Lake District.

Parts of Lincolnshire saw more rain in one day, than usually falls in the whole of June.
150mm (6'') of rainfall recorded here at TH Clements over the last few days, equating to 25% of Lincolnshire's annual average rainfall. 


Flood Warnings, rail disruption, road closures and of course the almost obligatory picture of someone using a kayak to travel down a flooded road. 


Despite all this, our hardy harvesting teams are out in the rain and muddy fields, braving what mother nature throws at them, to make sure we harvest our Brassicas and get our lovely Lincolnshire produce onto the supermarket shelves. 

The water-logged fields have made harvesting and travelling in fields incredibly challenging with vehicles and fieldsman getting stuck in the mud and sometimes needing to use 2 tractors to tow trailers in the muddy lake like fields! 

Our challenger has been on stand-by to rescue stranded vehicles and we have been digging trenches and pumping water to help with drainage. 
Irrigation pumps are also hard at work pumping out the full dykes and transferring the water to the dykes with lower water levels. 


So, when you see Fresh Vegetables on the shelves, please spare a thought to the challenges being faced by our harvesting teams and machine operators working hard to get all the produce out of the water-logged fields.

Challenging times for all concerned, but a very big ''Thank You'' to all, in delivering the nearly impossible. 


With more rain on the forecast for the next couple of days, it looks like ''Flaming June'' is a little late to arrive, but we are all hoping that it will make up with plenty of sunshine and warm weather once it wakes up! 



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