Long hot Summer

Date Added: 16/07/2018

Here at TH Clements we're enjoying the sunshine while it lasts but hoping there are some rain showers on the way. Although forecasts suggest that there is no rain imminent, so we'll have to keep irrigating!
These dry and warm conditions have made planting in Lincolnshire and Cornwall very challenging. 

Even though Potatoes are planted deep and can normally find moisture easier than plants but with the continued dry weather they now require a helping hand and are being irrigated. 


While the sunshine has been beating down, the Pea Viner's have been working hard and soon all our Peas will be harvested. Our Peas are sent to the freezers within a matter of hours of harvesting. 


Cauliflower is currently being sent to the Processors and is being prepared into Cauliflower Rice. Being naturally high in Fibre, low in calories and packed full of vitamins, it is a healthier alternative to conventional rice. 


New season Lincolnshire Leeks are now being harvested. Like Garlic and Onion, leeks are a member of the allium family but have their own distinct milder but sweeter flavour. They are an extremely versatile vegetable and can be used to enhance a wide range of recipes from Soups to Risottos.


Believe it or not, Brussels Sprouts will begin to be harvested in Suffolk next week. Normally associated with Christmas, Sprouts are harvested in the UK from Early August to Mid-March.


Salads are extremely popular throughout the Summer months, especially during the current heatwave, however, don't forget to buy Vegetables too! Most Brassicas are in Season and more nutritious than Salads.


New Season Lincolnshire Broccoli is tender and sweet and can be used in many Picnic Recipes from Cous-Cous to Quiches. Also, an alternative to Salad, wedges of Pointed Cabbage can be grilled on Barbeques and it's packed full of Vitamin C too.


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