Marvellous May

Date Added: 16/05/2018

Following a rainy and cool April, sunshine and warm temperatures have been gracing the fields of Lincolnshire recently, meaning the covers are starting to be removed from fields and crops are starting to grow fast. 

Peas drilled in April have already started peeking up from beneath the fertile soil and should be ready to be harvested at the beginning of July. 


All our seed potatoes are nearly planted and we're hoping yields and quality will be good due to being planted in nice warm soil this year.


Brussels Sprouts destined for the Christmas Dinner plates are now being planted. Contrary to belief, Sprouts aren't just for Christmas! Here at TH Clements, we harvest tasty Lincolnshire Sprouts from August to March, every year.


Keep your eyes peeled in store for this season's first Lincolnshire Sweetheart Cabbage to hit the shelves. Pointed Cabbage tastes very sweet in the Summer months and can be cooked many ways.

As it's packed full of Vitamin C, it's the perfect vegetable on your plates during the Summer, when Salad has become a bore! As an alternative to Salad, wedges of Pointed Cabbage can be grilled on Barbecues.


UK Broccoli, also known as Calabrese, will be in season shortly. Broccoli is incredibly versatile with the head, stalk and leaves all being edible and very nutritious.


Here at TH Clements we've finished harvesting the last of our luscious Lincolnshire Leeks for this season.


Finally, follow our Twitter page to discover new and exciting ways to cook in-season products. 

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