Merry 'Sprout'mas

Date Added: 21/12/2021

After months of planning and preparation, the Christmas rush is well underway, and the big day is just around the corner.
Here at T H Clements, like many food companies up and down the country, we are very busy ensuring Christmas is delivered.
As Santa is loading his sleigh full of presents for the children on his good list, we’re loading a fleet of lorries up (not pulled by Rudolph or his reindeer friends) with lovely fresh vegetables destined for Christmas dinner tables all over the country.

It’s been another great growing season for Brussels Sprouts as a dry and mild Autumn has meant that this year’s yields are up by about 10% overall.
Our Brussels Sprout harvesters and factory are currently working around the clock ensuring this iconic Christmas vegetable plus many other Brassicas are harvested, packed, and shipped off to the supermarkets, ready to be served on many Christmas dinner plates across the nation.

It goes without saying that either love or loathe them, Brussels Sprouts are an integral part of Christmas dinner with 38% of British adults rating them above parsnips, stuffing, carrots and Yorkshire puddings – although for many years this is always debated whether or not Yorkshire puddings belong on the Christmas dinner plate!

If you have memories of soggy green mushy sprouts where cooking started sometime in November, being forced upon you as a child, then fear not, our delicious Sprouts are much sweeter and milder these days.
Plus of course we have all learned lots of more modern ways of cooking them. These tender sprouts don’t even need the old ‘cross cut’ in their bottoms!
If you’re still not convinced then why not substitute Sprouts for a Cabbage? Savoy Cabbage works well sauteed with Bacon as an alternative for Sprouts.

In recent years Cauliflower has become a firm favourite on the festive menu too, either simply steamed or transformed into a decadent Cauliflower cheese. If you want a change from the Cauliflower, Leeks in cheese sauce topped with crispy breadcrumbs is a tasty alternative.
Your Christmas dinner table may be already brimming with many dishes, but why not try adding Braised Red Cabbage to add a dash of vibrant colour and more importantly lots of flavour too!

On Christmas day, Potatoes will most likely be served roasted or mashed however make use of your leftover potatoes and veggies and turn them into Bubble and Squeak for Boxing Day breakfast – delicious topped with a fried egg.
Cold meats and cheeses are rich, satisfying no-cook options for a lazy Boxing Day, curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a good book or movie. But for some healthier finger-food to contrast and cut through all the heavier foods – raw cauliflower florets and your favourite dip, lovely fresh, crunchy and guilt free snacks!

Christmas and New Year are normally a time to reflect on the past year and 2021 has certainly been another unprecedented and challenging year, so whilst you’re tucking into your Christmas dinner, spare a thought, and raise a glass to our hardworking staff who have gone above and beyond during the pandemic to ensure there is plenty of fresh Lincolnshire grown produce to enjoy this festive season.


A big thank you to all our hardworking staff for delivering the nations favourite festive vegetables and ensuring Christmas dinner plates are brimming with fresh produce.


Merry Christmas and wish you and your families a safe, happy new year from all at T H Clements & Son


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