New Year New Challenges

Date Added: 18/01/2021

They say, ‘third time’s a charm’ and with the positivity surrounding the UK vaccination programme we must now all trust in the process and truly believe that this third lockdown will be exactly that; with an end to these extraordinary times in sight.


The past few months have certainly been difficult for us all. Life has been very different. Along with the nation again we applaud our NHS and keyworkers. This includes our own workforce, who have shown dedicated support and commitment throughout this challenging situation, allowing TH Clements to continue to deliver Fresh Quality Vegetables to the country.


The demand for our produce has been higher than ever. Restaurants remaining closed and limited takeaways have created a major trend for home cooked meals, many rediscovering the joys of cooking. Research has found a quarter of households are spending increased time cooking together and many have said mealtimes have become more of an occasion. As a result, most enjoy cooking more now than they did before; vowing to continue making food from scratch once the restrictions are lifted. In these isolating times, food is a means of bringing people together. Sometimes digitally, with many cooking a meal while on a video call with someone to share tips. A virtual ‘Date Night’, sharing a mealtime via video call is now an incredibly popular (and completely normal) experience. The younger generation have shown an interest in cooking during the lockdowns, getting involved with food prep and many more eating at the dinner table more often than before. This can only be viewed as an encouraging and positive result in the strangest of times.


In a time when we feel we have little control, it’s time to control the aspects of our lives that we can. A healthy body and healthy mind are so important for us all and with January traditionally a kickstart month now is the perfect opportunity to embrace change and challenge ourselves. Whilst having the attention of the Nations younger population, what better time to encourage fantastic food choices.


At TH Clements ‘We Love Greens’ and really encourage the Nation to join us. Towards the end of last year, we hope many more joined us with the love for our deliciously healthy and versatile Lincolnshire grown Brussels Sprouts. If not, do not fear there is still time, but do remember not to over boil instead try them roasted, sautéed or grilled for that sweet & nutty taste. While many are working and schooling from home, perfect for your kick-start January is a member of our locally grown Brassica family, the humble yet powerful Cabbage. Along with its culinary versatility, the health benefits pack a potent punch. Rich in nutrients and an excellent source of Vitamin C and dietary fibre, it supplies your body with Vitamin K which is important for the health of your bones and appropriately right now, especially good information to tell the younger ones, Cabbage helps build a healthy immune system to fight off viruses and helps your body recover from illness more quickly. Our cabbages don’t wear capes….but maybe they should!!


Thank you for reading and a very Happy New Year to you all.

Enjoy January and here’s to a positive, safe and healthy 2021.

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