Nippy Start to November

Date Added: 10/11/2017

October has been and gone in the blink of an eye and now Novembers here it's brought cooler temperatures to Lincolnshire and even a few frosty mornings so far!
Although we are hoping for the dry cold weather to carry on this month we don’t want it to freeze as with the shorter daylight hours, harvesting time is reduced throughout the Winter months and frosty mornings minimises the harvesting time further.

With all our Potatoes, safely in the stores and UK Broccoli Season coming to an end, you’ll notice the green and fertile fields of Lincolnshire quickly turning to the brown and dormant Winter landscape until cultivation and planting starts early next year.

This month we’ll begin harvesting Cauliflower in Cornwall. We grow Cauliflower in Lincolnshire all year round however we plant Cauli’s to be ready to harvest between November and March to supplement Lincolnshire as Cornwall is less prone to severe frosts throughout Winter.  

We have various types of lovely sweet tasting Cabbage and Brussels Sprouts volumes are increasing as we edge nearer to the festive season. There’s plenty of Brussels to keep us busy harvesting so make sure your plates of warming Roast Dinners, Stews and Pies during Autumn and Winter also feature our lovely sweet Sprouts - Enjoy!

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