November Delgue

Date Added: 14/11/2019

The wet and soggy trend of this year’s weather has carried on further into November, as so far, we’ve seen 51.5mm fall from the heavy grey clouds in the first 12 days of this month.
November’s weather is certainly giving us flashbacks to June’s horrendous weather however this month it seems even more treacherous in the fields as we are without the sun and warm weather to help dry the land after the rainfall.

UK Broccoli season is soon ending and as it does, we don our Santa hats and focus to delivering Christmas.  
Cauliflower for the festive season is grown in Cornwall with near ‘tropical-like' temperatures in comparison to the usually much cooler winter conditions in Lincolnshire.  This gives us supply throughout the Winter at a time when we all enjoy hearty roast dinners and cauliflower-cheese is a real comfort food favourite.

Even as we plan and prepare for Christmas, we are planning for next year’s crops, with Polythene for Spring 2020 crops arriving into the premises!

Over the next few weeks harvesting of Red and White Cabbage will finish, with product stored safely away in controlled cold storage to ensure a constant supply through until July 2020, when field harvesting will resume.

Unfortunately due to the extreme weather conditions Potato harvesting is sporadically being halted and only continuing when the weather allows.
Although behind on the usual harvest schedule, we do have our harvested Potatoes, safely stored and will soon be making their way to customers to appear on dinner plates up and down the country. Whether Chips, Baked, Roasted, Mash or even part of a hearty Bubble and Squeak, our Lincolnshire spuds are fabulous quality!

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Sprouts.  High in Vitamin C and whether sliced and dry fried with bacon lardons, roasted, sautéed or just simply steamed or boiled – we eat more Brussel Sprouts in Britain, than anyone else in Europe! Luckily our Sprout harvesters travel on tracks, so they are coping with the boggy fields better than our wheeled tractors and trailers!

Our challenge over Winter will be to get soil structure back into the land after travelling in the fields to meet demands during the unprecedented Summer floods and equally wet Autumn.

We are now hoping and praying for the weather to turn cooler but not freezing and for the persistent rain showers to disappear for a while!

Finally, look out for our new recipe page being launched on our website in the next few weeks and learn new and interesting ways to cook and enjoy in season vegetables grown here at T H Clements.


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