Date Added: 09/06/2020

Cast your mind back to June 2019 and us farmers were desperate for the endless rain to stop.
To keep us on our toes, 2020 has decided to be the complete opposite - the warm temperatures, strong, drying winds and lack of rain that have characterised the sunniest Spring since records began.
This has led to our fields starting to resemble deserts compared to the 'rice-paddies' of a year ago! Pleasant though such conditions are for most of us to sunbathe in our locked-down gardens, they're not great for crops. 

To help our crops on their way in these conditions, our irrigators have been working hard irrigating the land before crop-planting, as well as watering established crops prior to harvest.

Despite all the strange weather being experienced, availability and quality remains good. 

Thankfully, we've now seen a few light rain showers in the past week, with more rain forecast. Fingers crossed...

Whilst you may be busy planning BBQ's and picnics to be enjoyed during the sunny weather, we have to plan a LOT further forward.
As I write, we're busy preparing for Christmas 2020 and Easter 2021. Cauliflower seedlings are being planted in Cornwall in the next few weeks; varieties are chosen based on their different growing rates, and suitability to the region's growing conditions. 

The end of May and beginning of June welcomes many products coming into their UK season. New season products are hitting the supermarket shelves right now - with Broccoli and Cauliflower, Savoy, Green and Pointed Cabbages all being harvested in the peak of condition.

UK Broccoli, for example, is extremely tender and sweet, bursting full of flavour, vitamins and nutrients. Fill your plates with our flavourful and colourful Brassicas guilt-free, enjoy the goodness and reap the nutritional benefits of these low-carbon, Lincolnshire-grown 'superfoods'.
And here's a quick tip if you're cooking for anyone who finds the flavour or aroma of Brassicas a little strong - simply cook them as briefly and lightly as you can; indeed, many - like Cauliflower and Broccoli - are at their very best raw! Healthier that way, too. 

New season Leeks - for supply all year round - will finish planting by the end of this week.
Leeks, which belong to the alium or onion family, have a complex, but milder and sweeter flavour compared to Onions or Garlic.
An incredibly versatile vegetable, Leeks are rich in nutrients and fibre, and are the perfect accompaniment to countless dishes from Pies to Risottos, Soups to Chow Mein. 

Our 'Pick-for-Britain' recruitment drive is going very well and has seen us take on many locals who are willing and happy to pick for Britain. Great news, as we continue to get busier, with increased orders coming from the Supermarkets as the results of everybody cooking at home during the shutdown of pubs, restaurants and takeaways!

As the Sun sets on another day here in rural Lincolnshire, the dusty brown corduroy of the Potato fields is turning dark green in what seems like the blink of an eye, as the Potato foliage canopies start to peek from beneath the ridges of fertile soil, helped immensely by recent showers. 

If you're looking for recipe inspiration and ideas on how to cook delicious, healthy in-season Brassica's then be sure to visit our recipe page - www.thclements.co.uk/our-recipes 

Thanks for reading! 




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