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Date Added: 09/02/2021

February, the month of love, is upon us. Spreading joy and love (distantly, of course!) has never felt so valuable than on Valentine’s Day 2021.



Your loved one may not quite appreciate our idea of a beautiful bouquet (they are, however, purple and very pretty!!) but they might enjoy some of our romantic ideas for a memorable Valentine’s Day together.


Celebrating in lockdown doesn’t mean it can’t be special. Maybe we can’t celebrate in bars or restaurants, but love is certainly not gone this year. A Valentine’s Day at home can be a perfect way to create a romantic and intimate date. February 14th falls on a Sunday this year so a great opportunity, for those that can, to spend the whole day dedicated to each other.



Walk away your Worries

Leave your phones at home and make good use of the opportunity to get outside. Hold hands and enjoy being just the two of you with no distractions. A walk in the local woods, along the riverbank or in the local park could be just what you need to clear the worries away. If you cannot go far then maybe use the outdoor area you have around you. In the evening maybe a bit of star gazing under warm blankets whilst toasting gooey marshmallows over the barbeque or fire pit. Romance can take on many forms.



Bring out the Boardgames

Why not!? It’s all about spending quality time with each other. A break from the screens, the opportunity of flexing those little grey cells. Maybe with a classic game of Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit, get competitive over Cluedo, but of course let’s not take things too seriously; healthy competition mixed with romance…it is Valentine’s after all.




Put on your Glad-Rags

Lockdown for many has meant pyjamas and joggers, comfort over style whilst at home, with keyworkers in uniforms, overalls, and restrictive clothing. So, what better opportunity, with romance in the air, to dust off those fancy clothes. Hunt through the wardrobe for that little black dress and fitted suit; or simply find your favourite jeans that you may not have seen for many months. Glam up and dress to impress, whatever you choose to wear, let’s make today feel a bit more normal.



Movie Night

Many may think they’ve been doing this most evenings throughout lockdown anyway, but let’s make Valentine’s Day that little bit extra special. Create the setting with blankets, fluffy pillows, and mood lighting. Bring out the gourmet popcorn and delicious sweet and savoury snack bundle. Settle in for an evening of light-hearted entertainment; it may be Valentine’s but that doesn’t mean you have to choose romance as your film genre. Maybe a good comedy for an evening of laughter or a drama for heart pounding excitement. Whatever your choice, snuggle down, eat plentifully, and enjoy time together.



Dine In

You don’t have to be the next MasterChef to make this a success, but if you are keen to cook then you could give it a go and create your partners favourite dish; or make this a joint effort and divide the responsibility of courses between you both. Ordering in a Takeaway would work just as well and for some a little less stressful.


If you do want to try out your culinary skills then we recommend this simple, yet tasty, Pappardelle Pasta with Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Blue Cheese & Walnuts. We have given this one a go and it really is a delicious, and filling, creamy dish.



Click on this link to view full recipe: Pappardelle Pasta with Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Blue Cheese & Walnuts | T.H. Clements


Valentine’s Day 2021 will certainly be one we will not forget; so, however you choose to celebrate this year, we hope you enjoy yourselves, stay safe and make wonderful memories.


Happy Valentine’s Day

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