Spring is just around the corner !

Date Added: 10/02/2017

With February just beginning, we’re starting to get itchy feet here, waiting to begin planting in the fields again. 
Once the seasons begin to change and Spring starts to make an appearance, we will be waiting for the perfect planting weather, then it will be all hands on deck.
The early plants are planted under polythene to create a greenhouse effect so that they start to grow even when it still feels a bit chilly outside. 
In Lincolnshire, we are still harvesting Brussels Sprouts, Savoy and Green Cabbage. Most of the Cauliflowers and Spring Greens are being harvested in Cornwall at the moment. The weather in Cornwall has been mild and wet which is perfect growing conditions for Cauliflower. However, it has made travelling in the field difficult and sometimes we are having to use two tractors to pull the trailers.
The workshop will be busy this month, making sure all the machinery is in tip top working condition for the up and coming season ahead. 

Blink and you will miss the brown and dormant flats of Lincolnshire turning into fields full of rows of vibrant and green plants with each plant growing daily. 

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