Local Cabbage is the new super food

Date Added: 14/11/2019

Are you sick of hearing about Brexit?


Well Brexit will not affect your local Lincolnshire home grown brassicas


The latest new super food on the block is Cabbage, with health benefits including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cholesterol lowering, immune protection and even cancer preventing properties. Packed with nutrients and fibre and low in calories.


and glucosinolates, Cabbage contains sulforaphane, kaempferol and is rich in Vitamin C, K and folate. These are just some of the health promoting constituents found in this super food.


Forget that watered down, bland, soggy, tasteless cabbage you may have eaten in the past: Cabbage is now very trendy being cooked in novel ways retaining  vibrant colours, textures, vitamins and most of all taste. Using your cabbage raw will also help to retain those health promoting properties.


Add your favourite spices such as caraway, cumin, nutmeg or cinnamon, which all have their own health promoting activities


Both green and red, savoy or white cabbage all varieties can be used in some exciting recipe ideas, Cabbage is now glamorous:


- Use your cabbage leaves instead of pasta as lasagne sheets

- Stuff your savoy cabbage with your favourite mince and onion mix and put stuffed cabbage parcels in a tomato sauce, delicious. The polish people call this dish Golumpki.

- Homemade coleslaw with thinly cut cabbage, red onion and carrots with mayonnaise or salad cream

- Combine shredded red and green cabbage with lemon juice, olive oil, and spices such as turmeric, cumin, coriander, and black pepper to make coleslaw with an Indian twist.

- Sauerkraut a fermented white cabbage, so good for your Microbiome

- Stir fry cabbage leaves with sliced duck and cashews in soy sauce and hoi sin


Your seasonal cabbage ideal for autumn and winter from TH Clements in Lincolnshire


by Katie Dobiesz BSc MNIMH

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