Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith

Transport Manager



I joined TH Clements in November 2016 as Transport Manager. 


I was in the RAF for just over 10 years previous and gained lots of experience including driving artics all over the world in convoys. I also operated Fuel Tankers, Aircraft Tug driving and was a rough terrain container handler operative and put these skills to the test in Iraq and Afghanistan on 3 separate occasions. I can teach off road driving and I'm a DSA Approved qualified HGV driving instructor. 


I enjoy most sports including Football and Boxing which are my favourites but I'm happy to watch or take part in pretty much any sport. I like to spend time with my wife and children and hate to admit that i love pottering around in our garden and cutting the grass! 


Favourite Meal - Red Thai Curry - it has to be homemade!


Book, TV or Film - Lord of the Rings


Favourite Band/Singer - Arctic Monkeys


Holiday Destination - Dubai


First Job - Shop assistant in a Bakers when I was 14. Free Sausage Rolls - couldn't fault it! 


Favourite Sport - Football - Manchester United Supporter. I also love Boxing and i'm a David Haye fan


First Car - A little green Fiat Panda, it cost my Dad £200. I didn't have it long before it broke down in a supermarket car park with an electrical fault and caught fire  - I walked home!


Favourite Quote -  I often say 'Look at the bigger picture' when explaining things to people


Interesting fact about me -  I once received an award from Princess Anne. When I met her she knew all about me, my name, where I worked, where I had been and what I had achieved. It all felt a bit surreal!