At T H Clements there are many different processes that we
use the freshest vegetables to our suppliers and their customers


We farm some of the UK's finest and most fertile land centered around our site in Benington, Lincolnshire and South West Cornwall. 

In our homeland of Lincolnshire, we have 2,000 acres of our own land, 8000 acres of rented land and 2000 acres farming in partnerships with carefully selected growers. 


Here, we grow a wide range of vegetables from Cauliflower, Broccoli, Spring Greens and Cabbage to Sprouts. We also grow potatoes, Vining Peas, Cereals, Sugar Beet and short term grass leys to maintain crop diversity.
It is proven to promote well balanced soil, so our main core production is therefore interspersed with these products. 


Potatoes provide the perfect contrast to leafy brassicas. Vining peas meanwhile produce nodules which release nourishing nitrogen into the soil whilst cereals and sugar beet help land to rest and improve structure with the straw that remains after harvesting.
Finally, short term grass leys are typically grown for three to four months before being ploughed back in. This enhances organic matter, Earthworm numbers and soil structure. 


Lincolnshire is complemented by 1000 acres of land that we rent and farm in partnership between Land's End and Truro in Cornwall. The South West of England provides a unique micro-climate which offers an extended growing window which is particularly beneficial for Cauliflower and Spring Green.
All our UK based growers are Tesco NURTURE accredited and members of the Assured Produce Scheme. 


In addition, we have established a network of trusted suppliers in Spain. All growers are again Tesco NURTURE and Global GAP certified. These provide enhanced availability for Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cabbage.