Rachel Gedney



Rachel Gedney

HR Manager


I have worked at TH Clements since January 2010 and continue to enjoy the changes and challenges that I face every day with the Labour market. 

I have worked in the produce industry for almost 20 years having gained lots of experience in Operations, Production, Technical. Commercial and HR. I'm passionate about where our food comes from, healthy eating, trying new foods and communicating our message to the younger generations.


I must be active most of the time and fill my time playing sports, watching sports or reading about sports.  





Favourite Meal - Sea Bass/Dover Sole or any fish fresh from the sea, baked in sea salt with a squeeze of Lemon


Book, TV or Film - The Kite Runner - a wonderful story of friends where cultures divide


Favourite Band/Singer - Coldplay or Take That


Holiday Destination -  Switzerland as it's so clean and pure 


First Job -  Waitress in a pub in North Yorkshire - Great fun and I loved it!


Favourite Sport - Tennis


First Car - Volkswagen Polo


Favourite Quote - 'Expect to fail. Failure is not fatal. Learn the lesson, then get back up and try again'


Interesting fact about me -  I come from Yorkshire and everyone likes to remind me of this all the time ... for some reason!