Majestic May

Date Added: 03/05/2023

With a flash May has arrived and the first quarter of the year has flown by since our last blog. Our blogs may have been quiet however we’ve been busily preparing and starting the new season planting.

Even though the first four months of 2023 have already been wetter (62.6 mm more rain) than the same period last year, we managed to start planting new season crops in mid-February, 10 days earlier than we normally expect to.
First plants to go into the fertile Lincolnshire soil was Spring Greens in Mid-February which should be ready to harvest at the end of May.

The first UK Broccoli plants were planted a week after the Spring Greens and we’re hoping that we will start to see the first harvest at the end of May also.
Currently we’re on target with our planting schedule due to good favourable conditions despite the cooler average temperatures and wet weather.


Mid-April saw our first delivery of brand-new New Holland Tractors arrive on site, ready for the busy months ahead.

Our first Maris Piper Seed Potatoes were planted on Monday 24th April which will hopefully be ready to harvest in September. Did you know Maris Piper were named after Maris Lane in Trumpington in Cambridgeshire where the Plant Breeding Institute was located and the Piper part was chosen by the Breeders Son, who first proposed calling it Maris Pard but chose Piper instead.
Maris Piper should not be confused with Maris Peer which is another breed of Potato. 

With an extra bank holiday this month due to the King Charles III Coronation. The question is will the weather allow it to be Street Parties, BBQ’s and Picnics galore this month and also aid us to keep on schedule with our planting? We do hope so!

If weather allows for such outdoors celebrations, then don’t presume our Brassicas cannot be part of the big day’s menu! The colour Purple association to royalty dates back to ancient realms, so why not serve your guests our Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Leek and Comte tarts (Insert link to recipe)?
To be even more patriotic swap the Comte for a good British Cheese such as a crumbly and nutty Mature Cheddar or even a sharp and creamy Stilton would be a perfect swap for this recipe.
The PSB tarts are perfectly fitting to such a regal celebration as they are incredibly tasty and handily they can even be made ahead and can be enjoyed cold or warm!

Thank you for reading our latest blog and we hope you enjoy all the Bank Holidays and Coronation this month, whatever your plans are!



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