Winter Update - November 2016

Date Added: 28/11/2016

As November comes to an end, Potato harvesting has finished and all the Potatoes are safely in the store. At this time of the year Lincolnshire rapidly turns from a green and productive landscape to a brown dormant landscape. Traditionally you would have seen lots of tractors toiling in the fields chopping up the remains of the season’s crop and ploughing ready for the new season. However these days with modern machinery the work rates are much faster that if you blink, you'll miss the fields turning from green to brown and you don’t seem to notice the tractors in the fields in the same way.
All our planning and focus turns to the festive period which is a very busy time for us especially making sure that everybody has their Sprouts for their Christmas dinner. Also Cauliflower is now becoming a more popular addition to our plates over the festive season . 
The question is , this year will people call it a Sunday dinner or a Christmas dinner ?
Either choice make sure that you enjoy the delicious Lincolnshire produce you choose to take pride of place on your plates this Christmas. 

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