Arid start to Summer

Date Added: 18/06/2018

After a wet and cold Spring, we are now experiencing a warm and sunny start to Summer with very little rainfall.

As each dry day passes, all we can do is hope and pray for some rain! 


However, Potatoes are enjoying the warm weather and are growing well, as Potatoes are planted deep in the ground they can still find moisture.


All new season crops are being harvested and UK Broccoli harvesting is in full swing. Broccoli, also known as Calabrese, is a versatile vegetable which boasts many nutritional benefits.

The 'superfood' is a great source of Fibre, protein and packed full of vitamins too. 


New season Lincolnshire Broccoli is extremely tender and sweet, so why not give our Charred Broccoli and White beans with Parmesan, recipe a try. 


It's the calm before the storm, as in July we will aim to plant all seedlings, in a four-week window, for crops to harvest from November to May 2019.


In season Pointed Cabbage tastes very sweet in the Summer months and as it's packed full of Vitamin C, it's the perfect vegetable to feature on your plates this month. 


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