Harvest 2017

Date Added: 12/10/2017

The bright Harvest Moon has been and gone, however, we're still busy harvesting crops in Lincolnshire. Traditionally in the days before tractor lights, the light from the Harvest Moon used to help farmers gather their crops, despite the diminishing daylight hours. 

We're still hoping the weather carries on being kind to us and the mild temperatures and dry weather continues as Potato harvest is well underway and these are the perfect Potato lifting conditions. 


With Broccoli at it's best from August to October, we've been extremely busy harvesting. With a bumper week for Broccoli productions, we've been supplying a range of customers in the UK across retail, food service, wholesale and as well as exporting to most of Europe. 


However, with the Broccoli season coming to an end soon our focus will swiftly move onto Christmas and Cornwall. Cauliflower destined for Christmas plates is grown in Cornwall and Brussels Sprouts volumes will start to ramp up as we edge nearer the festive season. 


Our new Optical Grader is now in full production and we are producing great quality Sprouts for our UK customers and for export across Europe. 


Our Tractors are busy cultivating land ready for next year as this ensures the land is weathered by Winter as this helps to create the optimum soil conditions and aids with field preparation and planting in Spring. 


Seeds have just been sown in the glasshouses in preparation for 2018. These seedlings will be planted out in the fields in February and the crops will be ready for harvest in June. 




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