From floods to heatwave

Date Added: 26/07/2019

Last month we required wellies, waterproofs and pumps in the fields, but this month we need irrigation, sunscreen and ice cream!
In June we saw higher than average rainfall, but July has been the polar opposite as we've experienced a Heatwave with temperatures reaching well over 30c.

To show our appreciation to our staff working in such challenging conditions at the moment, we arranged for local business Skinners ice cream to visit the site, to cool our Staff down!

Due to the extreme weather over the past couple of months there are plenty of challenges for both labour and crops in the fields at the moment. However, crops do look like they are slowly recovering from the rainfall in June. We are feeding plants more food to counteract the effects of the recent weather and hoeing fields with plants in to get air back into the soil.

Irrigation machines are out in the fields, busy helping keep vegetable crops watered and bulking up potato crops ahead of harvesting.
Recently we completed our first Potato digs, these are carried out to monitor the size of the crop and at how many potatoes per plant, to help predict yields more accurately.
Despite a very wet June and an extremely warm July, we are pleased to report than the results look promising. 

July is the busiest planting month in both Lincolnshire and Cornwall with lots of seedlings being planted.
Believe it or not, Christmas 2019 and Easter 2020 Cauliflower will be planted this month, due to the magic of varieties providing different growing rates.

New season Lincolnshire leeks are now being harvested. Leeks are a member of the Allium family, but have their own distinct milder but sweeter flavour compared to their relations Garlic and Onions.
They are an extremely versatile vegetable and can be used in a wide range of recipes from pasta dishes to pies. 

Lincolnshire-grown Broccoli is tender, very sweet and can be used in may picnic recipes from salads to quiches.
If salad is becoming boring, then try wedges of grilled pointed cabbage or charred cauliflower steak as an alternative side dish for BBQ's.

Believe it or not, UK Brussels Sprouts will begin to be harvested in the next couple of weeks. Even though they are normally associated with Christmas, Sprouts are harvested in the UK from August to March, every year.


Thankfully weather forecasts for next week are showing that temperatures will return to near average summer temperatures and the potential for some light rain showers, which will hopefully improve the current challenges and conditions our Brassicas have been facing! 

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