Harvesting & Planning Update - September 2016

Date Added: 19/09/2016

Now Autumm is here and all the corn safely in the shed the focus has turned to the potato harvest - which is well under way with near perfect lifting conditions.
The harvesters are traveling as fast as I have ever seen them move -Well as fast as they can legally move !!!
We didn’t set any records with the corn harvest and we don’t expect the potatoes will set any record yields but there has been good early demand which may indicate a good price year.
The good weather conditions we enjoyed late August/Early September have also meant that the veg teams have plenty to harvest . The next few weeks we could see a record for broccoli harvesting. Some of our excess produce is now destined for the freezer companies to freeze now that they have finished with the pea season.
Our planning team are now firmly focused on next year and securing land , seed and plants. The glass houses will start to seed crops over the next few weeks that will be planted out next Spring ready for harvest next June.

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