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Date Added: 18/10/2023

T H Clements Potato harvesters are now working in full throttle, praying the forecasted wet weather is delayed so we can keep up our harvesting momentum. When the weather allows our harvesters are busy filling carts full of Lincolnshire-grown ‘Tates’ carefully making their way back to our site, to be graded into boxes and stored safely in our stores.
Our delicious Potatoes will eventually make their way to packers and finally end up on the supermarket shelves available for customers to buy from now until next May/June!

Potatoes are the most popular root vegetable as they are incredibly versatile and can feature in or pair with many recipes. From classic creamy mash, roasties, baked potatoes, dauphinoise, fondant, chips, Rösti, crisps, and even soup, there are no limits - it's the tasty gift that keeps on giving!

These starchy carbohydrates are naturally fat-free and gluten-free and can be part of a healthy, balanced diet due to being packed with fibre, vitamins and resistant starch (RS). RS is important in maintaining good gut health and controlling blood glucose levels.

Potatoes are rich in potassium, an electrolyte that aids in the workings of the heart, muscles, and nervous system.
Spuds were considered a life-saving food source in years gone by because they contained vitamin C, which prevented scurvy.

Leaving potato skins on where possible when cooking retains more of the fibre and vitamins. If you’re looking for a comforting mid-week meal then why not serve a warming Chilli Con Carne (or veggie alternative - bean chilli) alongside Jacket Potatoes?

Or even save food waste and your pennies utilise leftover mashed potatoes from the Sunday Roast and turn them into potato cakes, fishcakes or top a pie instead of using pastry - the options are endless.

Next time you pick a bag of UK potatoes from the supermarket or farm shop, appreciate the hard-working British farmers and of course the humble spud!






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