Long hot Summer continues...

Date Added: 07/08/2018

While the weather is still dry, and temperatures are high it's time for combining Wheat. Even though we are Vegetable farmers, we put Wheat into our crop rotation to put Fibre back into the ground. All Straw is chopped up back into the fields to benefit the land. 


Broccoli due for harvest up to the end of October 2018 and all our over Winter Cauliflower, due for harvest up to the end of May 2019 has now been planted. 
The only seedlings left to plant are Spring Greens, however, these are a faster-growing crop, so won't be planted just yet. 


Over the next 2 weeks, Potato trial digs will be completed, these are done to monitor the size of Potatoes and by looking at how many Potatoes per plant, so we can predict yields.
We have already carried out the first Potato digs this week and results are not very encouraging. The yield will be lower than normal this year and we are seeing problems with secondary growth from the recent rain we had. Our harvest, as a result, will be at least a fortnight later than normal to give everything the best possible chance of recovery. 


Pea Vining may have finished for this season, but Lincolnshire Sprouts will start to be harvested in the next few weeks. Believe it or not Brussels Sprouts harvesting in Lincolnshire will run into March 2019! 


During the 'Mediterranean' like temperatures, the extreme weather conditions have meant harvesting has been challenging, both for labour and the crops over the last few weeks. Thankfully cooler temperatures are on the forecast for the next few days, we hope things go back to normal. 
However, News and Media sources are already forecasting this weather to continue and an Indian Summer is on the cards with these weather conditions lasting into October. How long will these temperatures last?

If this weather continues, then why not try cooking Brussels Sprouts on the BBQ? 


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