Forget about Brexit, it's all about Brussels...Sprouts!

Date Added: 10/12/2019

December has finally arrived and whilst people are finishing Christmas shopping and starting to enjoy the festivities, here at T H Clements our tree is already up and decorated with Sprouts, and we are prepared for the extremely busy period in the run up to Christmas.

Following a very wet Autumn with record-breaking rainfall we are hoping Winter will bring longer spells of dry and cooler weather.

Over the bleak Winter months, our tasty Spring Greens growing in the fields ready to harvest in Spring 2020, are a delicacy for pesky Pigeons. So to prevent them from destroying our crops, we made the call out to Dastardly and Muttley, but apparently they have retired, so instead we cover with a nice blanket of netting! 


Cauliflower harvesting in Cornwall is well underway and next week we'll be ramping up cutting figures as Cauliflower is now a firm favourite on the Christmas dinner plates up and down the country.

We have now finished the Red and White Cabbage harvesting and they are now all safely stored away in controlled cold storage. Red Cabbage is another festive favourite for Christmas dinner and other special meals, adding a vibrant dash of colour to the dinner table.
Simple slow cook shredded Red Cabbage in Apple cider with sliced onions, chopped apple, orange peel and mixed spice. The simple side dish can be prepared and cooked ahead, to be warmed up on the big day and any leftovers can be enjoyed hot or cold. 


Sprout harvesting is now in full swing and in the run up to Christmas, we expect to harvest 2,000 tonnes! That is more in weight than 650 Asian Elephants!
If you're not a Brussels Sprouts fan, banish the memories of the bitter soggy Sprouts forced upon you from your childhood and give them another go.
Sprouts have developed over the years with modern varieties being much sweeter and nuttier in flavour and with hundreds of different recipes to try, you might surprise yourself and enjoy them! 

We love Sprouts here at T H Clements and believe Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Sprouts. This year the new craze hitting the 'shelves' of online retailers is Brussels Sprouts Gin and Sprout Ketchup. We may love Sprouts, but we are not so daring to give the Sprout Gin or Ketchup a try this year, but we do have them on our Christmas tree and wreath! 


Finally, keep your eyes peeled on our social media pages for new and interesting ways to cook and enjoy in-season vegetables grown here at T H Clements.
Our brand new recipe page will be launched on our website in the next few weeks. 


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