Mizzling May

Date Added: 14/05/2019

Following a warm and fairly dry April, May has brought plenty of showers so far. The famous April Showers were nowhere to be seen, with only 12mm of rainfall during the month.
However, in May we have already seen double the amount of rain (over 1 inch) than the previous month. 


In May many products will be coming into their new season for the year. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Savoy, Green Cabbage and Pointed Cabbage will all start to be harvested this month.
New season crops are looking good quality against this time last year. All the crops are either on time or will be harvested earlier than normal. 

With planting in full swing and many new season crops soon to be harvested, the Lincolnshire landscape is quickly turning green, with fields full of luscious Brassicas. These planted and ready to be harvested crops are enjoying the sunny days and rain showers. 

Over the next few weeks our new season products will be hitting the shelves in Supermarkets.
Sweet Cabbages, versatile Cauliflower and tender Broccoli are all bursting full of vitamins, high in fibre and boast many nutritional benefits.
Fill your plates with our tasty Lincolnshire products, enjoy the flavoursome Brassicas and gain all the goodness from these green 'superfoods'! 


All our Seed Potatoes have been planted and should hopefully be ready to harvest at the beginning of September. Once harvested, our Lincolnshire grown Potatoes will be put away safely in our controlled stores ready to sell. 


Due to good growing conditions, Potatoes are already starting to peep above their ridges to enjoy the occasional rainfall and sunshine! In contrast to this time last year, Potatoes have had a good head start because of the warmer soil temperatures than last Spring. 


Our Agronomist has flown over to Spain to view our early season Sprouts which will be ready to harvest in the next few weeks.
Whilst not in use in the UK, our Sprout Harvesting machines have been transported to Spain for their Summer Holiday! 


Brussels Sprouts destined for many plates over the festive period are currently being planted.
Contrary to belief, Sprouts aren't just for Christmas! Here at T H Clements, we harvest delicious Lincolnshire Sprouts from August through till March, every year. 


Finally, follow our Twitter page @THClements1966 to discover new and exciting ways to cook in season vegetables grown here at T H Clements. 

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