Simon Lingard

Simon Lingard

Company Secretary


I started work at Fogarty's in Boston in 1980 in the accounts department and I've also worked in the timber industry before coming to Clements. 

I joined TH Clements in 1995 and I'm involved in Health and Safety as well as IT and accounts plus I get all those little jobs that nobody else wants!

I enjoy cooking, particularly Indiand and Italian food. 

I have Triumph Spitfire int he garage that I really must use more. 




Favourite Meal - Anything with a bit of spice to it!


Book, TV or Film - RED, Armageddon, Star Wars and Back to the Future- any films of that type. As you can see, nothing too serious!


Favourite Band/Singer - 80's rock- It's my era although I listen to lots of different genres


Holiday Destination -  France for the scenery, climate, food and wine. Particularly the wine!


First Job - Accounts clerk cross balancing budgets before the advent of spreadsheets 


Favourite Sport -  I enjoy watching Touring cars and World Rally but I don't take part in any sports


First Car - Mk1 Ford Escort 1.3


Favourite Quote - 'I am serious. And don't call me Shirley' (Airplance, 1980) or 'Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope' (Star Wars, 1977) - I use these quite often, along with many others!